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devrev Apr 06 at 09:44pm UTC


We understand the challenges that come with being a startup - long nights, establishing processes, trying to explain what you do for a living to your parents, etc. 🫂

DevRev is now free for startups (details below) 🎉🎉

devrev Apr 05 at 09:04pm UTC

”The product management, customer support, and developer trifecta” = @devrev

Check out what our friends at Goodmeetings had to say about DevRev! 🗣Streamline your workflows 📈 and boost your team's productivity today at:

#crmsoftware #developer #pm

devrev Apr 04 at 04:20pm UTC

The marketing team is blushing 🥰

Interested? Try it here:

devrev Mar 30 at 09:44pm UTC

As your organization grows, let us grow with you 😊 . Empower your customer success team today with @devrev

Take a peek at what our friends said at @descopeinc. Let us be a part of your journey towards delightful customer experiences 🫶🏼

Try us out HERE:

devrev Mar 28 at 04:06pm UTC


This past Friday, @DevRev, with @ufirstcapital, hosted a roundtable discussion at our office in Palo Alto - good food, new friends, and great conversations.

Extending our gratitude to everyone who was in attendance, thank you for engaging!


devrev Mar 23 at 09:25pm UTC

Love to see it 😎

devrev Mar 23 at 07:23pm UTC


This Women's History Month, we were honored to have @nehaaggarwal, the first woman to represent India in table tennis at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, speak with us this past Tuesday 🎉

Learn from her as well HERE:

devrev Mar 22 at 08:28pm UTC


SaaS Insider is hosting an invite-only session in Bangalore TOMORROW, 3/23 with our @devrev team + our friends at @github!

When: 3/23, 5 - 6:30PM
Where: Bangalore, India
Who: CTOs, B2B SaaS tech + product leaders

To register:

devrev Mar 20 at 07:09pm UTC

Your Customer Support Team 🤝 DevRev

Check out what our friends at @100mslive had to say about DevRev! Empower your customer support team with DevRev Support today at (link in bio)

#crmsoftware #customerexperience #devrev4support

devrev Mar 16 at 10:39pm UTC

"Maybe I’ll work for a #startup at some point in my career”

OUR NEW BLOG POST IS LIVE 🎉 💻 Check out “Revolutionizing Your Learning: How a Startup Can Help You Learn”, our latest blog post linked in our bio. (5 min read)

#startup #tech #entrepreneur